The Home Office’s #knifefree campaign was created to help tackle one of the Home Office’s key priorities – reducing knife crime in the UK. The campaign was designed to take audiences on a behaviour change journey – initially raising awareness and knowledge, then over time shifting ingrained attitudes and ultimately changing negative behaviours.

Target Audience 

People most at risk of carrying or considering carrying knives – young males aged between 15 and 16. This audience was found to have a passion for gaming, spending more than eight hours playing games each week.


Reach young male gaming audiences across trusted environments, encouraging them to go #knifefree.


A campaign was built to deliver advertising to target audiences in a trusted environment, both while they were at home on Playstation consoles and on the move playing on EA gaming apps. Mobile advertising formats included reward video, to increase engagement as the viewer chooses to watch the advert to receive an in-game reward.



The campaign used three different video creatives, each telling the stories of real people who have turned their lives around since going #knifefree. The videos linked to the #knifefree website, providing access to information about the consequences of knife crime and inspiration on how to move away from it.

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