CBBC launched the CBBC Buzz app last year to reinvent children’s content for a new generation. The aim was to create a safe and trusted space for children to swipe through a feed of short-form video, GIFs, quizzes, and memes based on their favourite shows.

Target Audience 

CBBC set out to deliver a campaign that would generate awareness and excitement among their core audience of 6-12-year-olds.



Reach relevant audiences across mobile and tablet devices within the apps that they use the most. CBBC worked with Havas Media Group and Venatus Media to create and deliver a creative campaign across relevant kids gaming and entertainment apps.



The CBBC and Havas teams worked with Venatus to create an MRAID minigame in the form of an emoji-based quiz, named the ‘sticker name minigame’. Once the audience had finished the minigame, a call to action appeared inviting them to continue the fun and play more games like the sticker game, on the CBBC Buzz app.

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