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We believe in an open and free, ad-supported internet that respects a users’ privacy and celebrates creativity.

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Venatus Market is an end-to-end monetization product, designed to take away the stress of monetization.

Over 600 publishers use Venatus Market to drive revenue, including Rovio, EA, Rolling Stone, OP.GG, What Culture and FUTBIN. Supported by our in-house team selling direct, programmatic and programmatic campaigns.


Unrivaled Technology

Venatus Market provides complete ad quality control, increased eCPM and rich media mediation.

Access real-time reporting through the Venatus UI to help monitor your monetization. Receive regular updates and optimization from our dedicated publisher team to help you make the most from your website or app.


Venatus Extra: Ad Recovery

Generate additional revenue through Venatus Extra. 

Recover up to 80% of your ad blocked traffic with our ad recovery technology, increasing your yield by up to 25%.


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