Pokémon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass

Pokémon launched a new expansion pass for the Sword and Shield game, offering players the opportunity to unlock new stories, new Pokémon and a new Wild Area to explore.

Target Audience

Nintendo wanted to raise awareness of this new expansion pass among young gaming audiences, targeting both existing Pokémon and Nintendo customers, and attracting new customers by reaching young gaming audiences.


To reach these audiences, Nintendo and 7 Stars turned to Venatus to leverage their vast portfolio of gaming publishers. A mini-game quiz would be created to drive engagement with Pokémon fans, delivering on gaming apps and gaming news sites across mobile and desktop.


Venatus created a bespoke mini-game to encourage gamers to test their Pokémon fandom through an interactive Pokémon Quiz. The quiz highlighted the different characters, areas and features of the Pokémon game to help generate excitement around the new adventures available through the expansion pass. Try the Pokémon quiz out for yourself by clicking here!

A pre-roll video creative was also used to promote the expansion pass features. At the end of both the quiz and the video creative, audiences were invited to learn more about the expansion pass on the Nintendo website.

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